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OpenStack Cookbook – A tactical, hands on approach to working with OpenStack


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The OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook is the definitive source of information for cloud practitioners. It provides step by step recipes for installing, configuring, and managing the OpenStack Core projects:

– Keystone
– Neutron
– Cinder
– Nova
– Swift
– Horizon
– Glance
– Ceilometer
– Heat

Additionally the 3rd Edition OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook provides recipes for:

– Highly available OpenStack Cloud infrastructure
– DevOps Integrated OpenStack Cloud infrastructure deployment
– Neutron LBaaS and FWaaS


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This original version of the OpenStack cookbook was built using the Essex release of OpenStack. The 2nd Edition was developed for Grizzly. The latest – the 3rd Edition – was developed using the Juno release of OpenStack and updated before release to include Kilo.


All of the code and commands used in the book can be found
on GitHub in the following repositories:

* All examples
* DevOps Integrated Cloud Build

–version juno | kilo

The current print release of the book is based on OpenStack Juno with Kilo included also. We always ensure the code that accompanies the book always has the latest version of OpenStack so you can refer to the book on how to do things, and get the latest syntax and configuration from the book’s GitHub.


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–author Kevin


* Rackspace, UK 2013-Current
– Principal Cloud Architect, Professional Services
– Senior Cloud Architect, Big Cloud Solutions

* Trader Media Group ( 2004-2013
– Infrastructure Architect
– IT Systems Manager
– Senior Systems Administrator

* Genaware 2002-2004
– Systems Administrator

* Power X Ltd 2001-2002
– Unix Administrator

–author Cody

* #vBrownBag –

* Rackspace
– Principal Architect, Private Cloud (OpenStack)
– Principal Architect, Private Cloud (VMware)
– Virtualization Engineer
– Windows System Engineer

–author Egle

* OpenStack Foundation Board Member 2015

* Rackspace
– Principal Architect


* Any bugs can in our code can be tracked here, and any suggestions or errata for Packt can be found here.


* E-mail: book at openstackcookbook dot com
* G+: OpenStack Cookbook
* IRC: e-vad or itarchitectkev on

	    Kevin Jackson / Cody Bunch / Egle Sigler 2015-02-16 OpenStackCookbook(7)

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