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May the fourth be with you!

4th Edition Cover

4th Edition Cover

It is with immense pleasure that we bring to you the 4th Edition of the OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook by Packt Publishing!

Brought to you by 4 talented authors from Rackspace: Kevin Jackson, Cody Bunch, Egle Sigler and James Denton; a host of tenacious technical reviewers: Christian Ashby, Stefano Canepa, Ricky Donato, Geoff Higginbottom, Andy McCrae, and Wojciech Sciesinski; and a Packt team keeping us in check!

We have listened to your feedback and attempted to bend as many rules as we can to bring you a book that will help you understand, deploy and operate an OpenStack cloud environment.

When the 1st Edition was written in 2012, I didn’t think I’d still be updating it today to make a 4th Edition! Thank you to everyone involved. To the clever people that helped bring this to fruition, I thank you. To our readers – please enjoy!

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